Wizard Nebula

Sat 12th Sept, peeked outside and i could see some stars, and this is despite Clear outside stating 84% cloud. I have found this app less and less reliable. I decided to set up in the hope I could get a couple of hours on the Wizard Nebula. I managed to get good PA and plate solved to the target. After 2 images the clouds rolled in, and it didn’t look like it would clear. I decided to leave the gear set up and checked every 15 mins, and low and behold, 10:15 the skies cleared. I managed to get 28 4 min exposures, with the nebula very close to the meridian and my camera nudging closer to the pier, i decided to stop at just before midnight. I am pleased with my first attempt at NGC 7308 and I will add to this over the next few weeks.

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