Winter Albireo(s).


Just before dawn, Hercules is high at the zenith and the whole of the Summer Triangle is up. Looking at Albireo this morning reminded me of the several contenders for winter Albireo. In addition Rasalgethi in Hercules gives an orange and blue combination.The best contender must be Iota Cancri.
+3.4 +4.7 at 34.7″ separation, giving orange and royal blue.

+3.5 +5.4 at 4.8″, giving orange red and blue turquoise.

Iota Cancri
+4.1 +6.0 at 30.7″, giving yellow and royal blue.

HJ 3945 in Canis Major. SAO 173353.
+5.0 +5.8 at 26.8″, giving citrus orange and royal blue.

Colours spring out in smaller aperture , with 4″ giving maximum effect.

Clear skies !