Window-sill Sun 05/07/2017

Here are some window-sill solar images to complement Nick’s from this morning, although somewhat later than Nick’s.  The sun hasn’t got around to the window at 06:40 AM.(Addictive, isn’t it Nick!).

I also tried the other camera I have to hand, ie the Toucam. This is capable of producing very good planetary images, but is very much fiddlier to set up and process on the Lunt. Here is a Toucam image:

Here is the corresponding one from the Mikrokular, together with a full disc one and a GONG reference image:

H alpha images of course are very monochromatic and so the above colours are synthetic – for the sake of clarity and because I like them like that! If you prefer your images without the colour – like the GONG ones, here is an example. I could be persuaded, either way.

On balance, I prefer the Mikrokular images, and I might be being a bit picky wondering about the extra detail. After all, they are through a double-glazing panel! There is a risk of becoming obsessed with the kit, and not with what you are trying to observe. If wringing the last dreg out of periodic error corrections, or whatever, is what floats your boat, that is fine, there is room for everyone – and it is supposed to be FUN! On the other hand, maybe we should sometimes just lie back and enjoy the view!

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