Window sill images with a difference – -13/11/2017

Normally I restrict my window-sill images to wide-field views, but last night I thought I would try something different. I put on a X2 barlow and had a look at a couple of well-known multiple star sysems.

First, Sigma Orionis (Struve 762) and the nearby Struve 761. This is a classic multiple star view in Orion.

This site ( says:

Perhaps the finest multiple star in the sky visible to both northern and southern observers, sigma Orionis is a system of five stars, four of which are visible in a small telescope.  The brightest star of this group is one of the most luminous known and will one day expire, like many stars in Orion, in a spectacular supernova explosion.”

Adding to the scene is Struve 761

Next over to M42, and an attempt to to resolve the stars of the embedded “Trapezium”. The Trapezium is the inset picture, and the main image is a multiple exposure of its context within the central part of the Great Orion Nebula.,

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