What’s in a name? Surely, all filter wheels are the same?

I feel that my role in RAG is to do all the stupid things that make people laugh of cringe – whether it is my history of dropping Ethos eyepieces (and getting away with it), walking into my French doors with my scope and denting dew tube because I didn’t realise the door was closed (yes I really did that) or watching as someone else’s scope topples and falls off my Equatorial platform (got away with that too without damaging scope boy was I lucky!)
My latest experience has occurred this week – you may remember that on Wednesday night I had a fruitless few hours trying to take any photo in that very clear and very cold weather. Although there are probably several contributing factors, one particular aspect really annoyed me at the time – which was that my filter wheel would not work. For some reason APT had dropped the automatic selection of the filter wheel which it did normally, so I had to choose the wheel again and the Atik driver would not connect to the EFW2 filter wheel. I decided to tackle this problem this morning…….and realised my filter wheel is a ZWO one! No wonder the Atik driver didn’t work! Selecting ZWO has sorted the problem out…….


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  1. Don’t worry Andy, it’s usually the cold that gets to parts that others can’t reach. On the same night my ZWO would not work. Yesterday in the daylight, I found I had tightened the friction nut too tight….hence the tube wouldn’t move although everything else was working.

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