Visit to South Downs Planetarium, Chichester 31/5/2017

The family (Hannah, Rhys and Ean Ean) and I visited South Downs Planetarium today. Actually, we just popped by on the off chance. This planetarium was supported by Sir Patrick Moore when he was alive, and it’s main building is named after him.

Amazingly, we turned up just in time to see a one hour long show hosted by none other than Dr John Mason, formerly on the BBC Sky at Night TV programme with Sir Patrick. This was the first full done show on the Hubble Space Telescope they have done. It was an excellent mixture of live lecture and interlaced video, reminiscent of our monthly talks at RAG prepared by Damian.

It has been a long time since I last met John and I include a photo of us both together below. Rhys and I stayed for John’s Hubble presentation. Although Ean Ean and Hannah opted to go into Chichester town centre instead, they did stay and watch a free video in an adjoining room on life on the ISS and greatly enjoyed that – although Hannah said it left her dizzy!

South Downs Planetarium is worth a visit. We discovered it is not generally open outside if presentations though so you should not just stop by as we did – ring ahead if you are in the area and book a show – you won’t regret it!



Rhys (left) and Andrew (right) pose with Sir Patrick Moore (centre):

Andrew and Dr John Mason (below):

Hannah admires the posters at the planetarium (below):

Andrew stands alongside the British astronaut, Tim Peake:

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