Video electronic eyepiece again

Here are another couple of snapshots from the video electronic eyepiece screen, (see this time the M41 cluster as well as M42. It is quite difficult to get a decent snapshot with a camera due to it being tricky to get the exposure right.  I have also found that for visual observing in the dark, it is best to turn down the brightness and contrast as far as it will go on the monitor.

It is probably worth-while comparing these with the processed images from from a few minutes exposure with EXACTLY the same kit (plus a PC, of course) from EXACTLY the same location. (the window-sill). Both methods have their place, of course! Perhaps unsurprisingly, the clusters come out best.


By the way, given some recent discussions, the M42 image is a composite of 4 exposures

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  1. Hi Roger- I can certainly see the potential of this as an outreach tool- i.e. lots of you can look at the same time. What was the exposure time for the 2 “instant” images?

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