Various videos from Astrofest and International Astronomy Show over years

Following Ed’s and my recent trip to Astrofest in London, the following videos come from various recent astronomy conferences aimed at amateurs – if you are thinking of attending either the International Astronomy Show later this year or Astrofest next year, then these videos will give you a flavour of what’s in store for you!

Andy video files/Astrofest 2016 High Definition Movie(2nd copy).mp4 video files/Astrofest_2015_-080215a-for_computer-.mp4 video files/European Astrofest 2017 by Andrew Thornett video files/International Astronomy Show Stoneleigh Park 14-15 October 2016.mp4


Interview-with-Paul-Money-at-IAS-2014-06-08.mp4 (below):

Damian-and-Chris-members-RAG-at-exhibition-at-IAS-2014-06-07.mp4 (below):

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