V5 synscan hand controller issue

I was setting up for a clear night today and came across this issue with my hand controller. This is the first time it’s done this. All my setup is exactly the same with power coming from mains. I’ve read something about low voltage or current, but it worked perfectly before with the same cable! I tried connecting it to my other mount with another cable and the same issue occurred. This has led me to believe my hand controller has been damaged in some way? Has anyone experienced this before?

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  1. Hi Gregory- not sure if you’ve got anywhere with this, but I have a hand controller that’s currently unused, as I use a PC to control my mount. If you’re near the Burton area you’d be welcome to borrow it to test things out. Firmware is probably well out of date though!

    1. Hi Rob,

      Thank you very much for the help! I have already purchased a new V5 from first light optics and it arrived today. Works perfectly fine. Guess my old one must be water damaged or just damaged in some way.


    1. I don’t think its the cable as I have another cable which I purchased not so long ago and the same issue occurred. I also have a smaller virtuoso scope and when connecting the controller to the alt az mount, same issue. My main mount is the Neq6 Pro.

  2. Yea, very strange indeed. I have confirmed it’s the hand controller tho as when connected directly to my laptop, with eqmod, mount control works perfectly.

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