Ultima Thule and Image Processing

While we are waiting agog for images of Ultima Thule from the New Horizons probe, I thought you all might be interested in a bit of “professional” image processing by NASA. See https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-46699737

I wonder if New Horizons has a window-sill?!

Just out of curiosity, I wondered what GIMP might do with the “RAW” image on the left:

Shows what you can do simply for free!




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  1. Perhaps NASA are using GIMP? 😀 Have you got all the plugins working with the new version of GIMP Roger, or are you using the older version?

    1. Oddly on my W10 64 bit machine I coudn’t get the GMIC-qt version to work, so I got the older GMIC-gtk from somewhere and that works fine. I do get multiple error messages as GIMP loads though, although it works fine when loaded. I do have another machine running 64 bit W7 Pro. I have GIMP 2.8 and GMIC-qt on that one an it works fine – so I have left well alone!

    1. Depixilate it with a gaussian blur, followed by Lucy-Richardson sharpening (via the GMIC plug-in), then a bit if contrast stretching with “Curves”. Took about 2 minutes.

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