Two skies.

Just how good are dark skies, here’s my view south. The Swad golf driving range has an impressive battery of stunning lights. Luckily golfers go for their cocoa and hair nets about 10.30. On humid nights they lighten the sky nearly up to the zenith.img_4233

Although planets , bright clusters , bright planetary nebulae and bright double stars can be observed , there’s nothing faint or delicious on the observing menu. After midnight when the air is still, things improve, especially to the east and north. Thankfully the lights of Derby are a long way away.

Here’s the sky from north Skye. There’s no light pollution, stars reach the ground. On cloudy nights without star light you can’t see your hand in front of your face. Star hopping is easy, once you’ve found the constellations ! Not only do faint galaxies hive into view , but so do their structure such as the spiral arms of M33. It can be quite a spiritual experience , especially on those still moonless nights when the northern lights flicker across the sky.img_4200

We have a great resource at Rosliston, if you bring a scope , then one night ,we might actually see a star or two!



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