Treasure of the Corona Borealis.

May 4th 2018 Swadlincote.

Roaming in the gloaming ! Cloud piled in at 12 just as Jupiter cleared the roof tops . Some cracking views of best of the binaries in Coma Berenices.
2 Cb , dazzling colour here.
Σ1633, lovely twins
12 Cb (SAO 82273) yellow and blue
17 Cb (SAO 82330), wide at low power
24 Cb (SAO 100160), getting orange and blue here
Σ1685 (SAO 100307), getting a triple here.

Just a quick word about the achromatic, my £30 rescue Helios 102 f10. You often find these kicking around as nobody wants them.I really cleaned her up to get back to work , it has never ceased to stun ,picking out close binaries and colour. Very often old school can work in your favour. You don’t need huge aperture and exotica to get class results.

I used old school 10mm Vixen Plossl, 6mm circle T , 9mm circle V , 13mm Nagler and a 23mm Panoptic . These gave super results.
I waited for a little less gloaming before scouring my prime target , the arc of Corona Borealis. The “Blaze star” currently quite faint , but always worth checking out.

Treasures of the Arc !
Σ1932 ( SAO 83756), had a surprise when the 1.6″ split was clean, should have paid more for the scope !
Σ1964 and Zeta Coronae Borealis (SAO 64834), please get this , they look amazing at low power together.
ΟΣ 305 at 5.8″   at low power the “little plough asterism ” being here .
Sigma Coronae Borealis (SAO 65165) at 7.2″, a brilliant pair
H V 38 (SAO 65262), delicately faint companion, wonderful to pick it out , its one of the faintest stars in the field. Very satisfying.

That’s it , chuffed at the views, hope you’ll have a shot under clear skies ! Nick.

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