Trapezium and M42 from the Window-sill – 05/01/2018

Having been impressed with David Geary’s sketch of the Trapezium with his 16″ dob showing the 6 stars, I thought I would see just what I could do with the 80mm from the window-sill. This arrangement is more suited to wide-field views,but I gave it a go. I used an OIII filter I got for a Christmas present as this has an incidental advantage for this sort of thing. Since the filter has a narrow pass band it effectively makes the view monochromatic and removes chromatic aberration from the £100 ‘scope at the cost of the colour. Here it is with some OIII detail at the centre of the nebula. Can only see 4 stars though. Mind you, David’s 16″from outside is a few stops faster than the 80mm!

I have in fact just about managed to image the 6 stars before, but from outside with the 8″ SCT – see

While in the area I couldn’t resist another go at M42, even though it is a bit hackneyed by now. It is in colour though! (And you can see the Trapezium!). It is a 4-image composite to avoid washing out the centre of the nebula.


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  1. This made me smile- I did the same thing last night. Sat in the garden stacking Barlow’s to try and see if I could get more stars out of the trapezium- but no! Stubbornly four! Fun trying though…

    1. I also used the old-fashioned out- in -the- garden method last night, but as well as being cold enough to freeze-off one’s extremities, it turned out to be too breezy to do any decent imaging, so I gave up.

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