Transient “bubble” prominences – a project for Solar observers?

It may be that the transient “bubble”-shaped prominences I keep seeing are quite common. Once you get your eye in you can spot quite a few. They seem to be characterised by the bubble-type shape and being very short-lived. Not only were there the two I reported the other day, but there also seems to be one on yesterday’s image.
I can’t confirm this as I only acquired one image sequence yesterday, and with GONG  I can’t access yesterday’s movies. There is little sign of it on their 3-hour images bracketing the time of my image.
I am convinced it is real and not an imaging artifact  – it is an all 400 frames of my raw avi.
It would certainly be interesting if someone with a better solar scope saw them. Although my 35mm on the window-sill has “instant availability”, it does have optical limitations! The GONG cameras are only 28mm aperture also, so they are similar in resolution to my set-up (albeit without the double-glazing!).
The problem is catching them in progress!

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