Theta Persei.

23rd of October and a huge Moon rising . Mars was wobbling , but both Uranus and Neptune gave green and blue coloured discs. Clusters were bleached out , its worth looking at M34 , looking like a skewed NGC 457.

Continuing with the exploration of Perseus, I revisited Theta Persei. A straight on view of the very delicate and delightful companion, just away from the main star. Then out to just under four times distant and the third star of this multiple magic.

I continued with Perseus , the sky was super stable and amazingly transparent. There was no difficulty picking out the shape of M76. There’s plenty action even in a low and full moon.Dew set in with falling temperature , time to click on dew heaters well before observing.

Looking out this morning , Capella was right overhead, Gemini high in the north and the welcome sight of Procyon swinging towards a very bright Sirius and Orion. Just a stunning winter view .

I’d venture that Σ162 is the finest triple here. Being on the boundary , it also appears in details for Andromeda.

Theta is easily spotted by eye, just follow up from M34 on this chart ,

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