The Pocket Sky Atlas: One Atlas to rule them all !

Usually abbreviated to PSA , this is essential for sky exploration. There is a newer Jumbo edition,  with slightly larger pages, but the same detail.

Messiers and the best NGC and binary targets are detailed. In the inside cover is a print of the Telrad rings . You can either use this by referring to it or copy it onto a bit of acetate.

The Atlas is very readable under a red head lamp. I added a constellation index at the front for ease. It’s spiral bound , do it won’t fall to pieces in use. I used a roll of clear vinyl self adhesive to cover each page and edges. It’s been out when the dew was dripping off everything.

There are a couple of detailed charts at the back. There is a star and Messier index. Otherwise the index details by object type, galaxies, planetary nebulae etc. This Atlas has been out with me every session for 6 years under

clear skies   !



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