The Moon – Plinius area 25/11/2017

Looking out of the window this evening, there was the moon in almost exactly the correct phase to observe Plinius, as described in November’s “Sky at Night” (Page 58). Too good an opportunity to miss, so here is a window-sill image of the said crater and its environs. The 3rd image covers almost the same area as the photo in the magazine.


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  1. Disappointed you haven’t picked up today’s sunspot, check Gong. Yet again Roger fantastic images, had a full day down here in Shropshire, Solar observing, sunspot and small prom, then moon, playing with smart phone holder, then. Pleiades, Hyades, M36,37,38,M42, Albierio, cloud!!!trying out the ST102, makes a good grab and go scope on AZ3 mount.

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