The moon and its terminator seen from Tamworth on 29th May 2020


I’ve been trying to take photographs of the moon at different stages. My intention is to label features on the terminator, when they can be viewed more clearly. It is quite amazing what a difference it makes to have features accentuated by the shadows.
Several club members were looking at the moon after our last virtual meeting. Heather suggested that we looked for ‘lunar v’ and ‘lunar x.’ I’ve processed the image that I took on that evening with my Canon Powershot SX720HS. I’m using a variety of resources to help identify features. The main one is ’21st Century Atlas of the Moon by Charles A. Wood and Maurice J. S. Collins. I’m sure I will have made mistakes, but I have found the whole process very educational. I’ve attached the pdf version of my efforts – click on this link – 7 days old 29th may 2020

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