The fabulous Swan.

A lovely evening and a promise of clear skies, setting up at 10.30 and going through to a still fairly light 1.00 am showed some beautiful sights. It’s been a long time since a decent session , so I kicked off with some old favourites . It was first light for an Oiii filter, which gave surprising results . Later the sky gave a mass of stars around Deneb, with a hint of Milky Way bright behind Sadr.

A quick view of Jupiter, then a stunning view of Saturn with the rings open , giving the planet sitting on them. Plenty detail to the surface and the Cassini.

M27 glowed beautifully, it looked fluffacious ! Some hints that the Eagle , Trifid and Lagoon nebulae were there. A bright view of the Swan nebula ,M17, didn’t even need a filter , it just swam into view. Really worth finding , not too low in the south. This is a must see, a stunning view even from the edge of town. M11 looked superb, quite high in the east, that fine sprinkling is just stunning.

Time for some planetaries, NGC 6826 (“Blinking”) , NGC 7662 (“Blue snowball”) and the huge bright “Ghost of the Moon”, NGC 6718.

Aquila is a lovely area, “Graff’s cluster”, IC 4756 looking wide and wonderful at x30. Some more planetary nebulae, back to the “ghost of the Moon” followed by the very faint NGC 6741 (“Phantom Streak”) , NGC 6790, very star like and blinking. NGC 6807 and NGC 6751 followed.

To the open clusters here, NGC 6709, dusty with bright stars and binaries , a real gem. NGC 6738, nearby with wide chains. NGC 6755, faint and large and a fainter NGC 6756. As Cygnus was high and in a darker area , I shot at the Eastern Veil , NGC 6995 area, it just leapt out, NGC 6960 looked faint , but NGC 6992 was very bright.

As the great square was up, I had a look at M31 and over to resolve M15. The whole session was accompanied by a pair of very noisy hedgehogs, very welcome ! Clear skies ! Nick.

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