The Eagle – a month on

It is cloudy outside, forecast is not good, the Sun is as bland as can be, so what is a person to do?

At least the “Sky at Night” magazine dropped through the letterbox. Inside there is a fantastic image of the Omega nebula, the Eagle nebula and Sharpless 2-54, with the Eagle “blown up”.

One of the joys of digital astronomy is that if all else fails, you can go back and reprocess old images. So, I re-visited the Eagle and M16 that I imaged last month. This is such an iconic object, made famous, of course by the Hubble’s “Plillars of Creation” (in false colour) image. It is right up there with the Orion nebula and the Horsehead. Capturing this difficult (from the UK) object was such a pleasant surprise that I thought it was worth the effort. So I went right back to the original frames and had another go. Here it is, an improvement I think.

Also in the magazine image is the Omega, or Swan nebula (M17), so here is a reprocessed version of that too. I imaged this a couple of years ago. It is even lower than the Eagle, so I haven’t had chance since – unlike Nick a few days ago!

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