The Bubble Nebula and M52

Had this data a while but not the chance to process. I got the RGB and Ha data on 22nd November and then the Sii and Oiii a couple of nights later. I left the Oiii and Sii running overnight, but had to drop a lot of frames due to cloud. The RGB and Ha was the data I used for the HaRGB demo to the RAG AP group on Friday, but I’ve only just had the chance to add the Oiii and Sii.

Kit was 130pds on HEQ5, with ZWO ASI1600mm to capture

Capture details are:
20x 30 sec each of RGB
90x 1min Ha
50x 2min Oiii
55x 2min Sii

Presentations are Ha, HaRGB and SHO with RGB Stars.

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