The Big Prominence – – -21/10/2017

Unfortunately, the big prominence has now disappeared. This morning I just managed a rather indifferent image of it in its diminished state. The seeing was poor as the sun was very low, and we got clouded out before I could do a disc image. The image below is oriented such that North is to the right

This is what “Spaceweather” said about it yesterday:

“Astronomers call this a “hedgerow prominence.” Hot glowing plasma inside the structure is held aloft by unstable solar magnetic fields. NASA and Japanese space telescopes have taken high resolution images of similar prominences and seen some amazing things such as (1) tadpole-shaped plumes that float up from the base of the prominence; (2) streams of plasma that descend from the top like waterfalls; and (3) swirls and vortices that resemble van Gogh’s Starry Night.”

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