TEC (thermoelectric cooler) on QHY10 camera

As you can see from screenshot below, this is working although I am not sure why the temperature seems to be so low today…


As I watched it dropped even further – see below – this shows temperature just as I changed set point from -10 C to +5 C but has not had any chance to go up yet. Note I did not set it to – 19.5 C (never set it below -10 C today) !! Last night temperature also seemed but haywire although previous occasion I was outside it reflected the set point quite well.

Temperature correctly went to 5 C

I don’t think there is any problem – when I left it long enough it did seem to stabilise close to set temperature although with big fluctuation past set points before coming back and settling (in this case went up to 15 C before coming back to 5.6 C – I then set it to -10 C again and this time it went down to -11.7 C which in past I have noticed is where it seems to go when I set -10 C on TEC in Nebulosity 4).

When I watched it further, temperature went up to -3.1 C. Perhaps it is too much to ask camera to cool to -10 C and stay there in relatively hot day time? Current temperature in Lichfield 15 C.

Mind you then it did this…..

I have noticed that once it has cooled itself right down, if I then change the set temperature to higher temperature, it can take a long time to get there – I guess because the body of the camera is very cold and there is no active heating element.

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