white light

Solar Observations 26th May 2017

Not only was the evening observing good at the last RAG meeting, earlier in the day afforded the opportunity for some Solar observing. Although we are approaching the next Solar minima, there was a sunspot group present and some prominences were visible. The prominences were more of the spicule type that are very short lived and at the end of the imaging session the prominences recorded had disappeared, checking on GONG time-lapse  these prominences appeared and disappeared.

First 3 images taken in H alpha using Coronado PST and DMK41 mono CCD, best 50 of 1000 frames stacked in Autostakkert, wavelets in Registax 6, Photoshop CS^ for combination of disc and prominences, colourising and final tweak.

1.Full disc and prominences. 2 Close up of sunspot x2Barlow 3, Close up of prominence xBarlow.










































Next two images are in White light, using 120mm Evostar refractor, with Lunt Herschel wedge imaged with DMK41 with Baader continuum filter. Best 50% of 1000 frames stacked in Auto stakkert, wavelets in Registax 6 and finished in Photoshop CS6

1. Sunspot 2,sunspot x2 Barlow