December Meteors.

Did anyone catch a Geminid or even an Ursid?? Based on reflected signals from the Graves radar installation 3641 meteors were detected over the month of December. The average daily rate was 5 meteors / hr. with a maximum hourly count of 55 between 4-5 am on Dec 14th. The average daily rate was 118 with a maximum of 468 on the 14th Dec. Both maximums coincided with the peak of the Geminid Shower, the data showed that the best time to have viewed the shower was from 2- 6 am before, after and during the peak of activity.  There is a small peak around the 22/23 rd Dec from the Ursid shower. The pick up at the end of the month points towards the peak of the Quadrantids  around the 4th Jan.

The daily and hourly counts for the month are below, finally there is a comparison of the December activity  over the last 3 years. Although the levels are different the trends are fairly similar, the peaks of the Geminids and Ursids clearly visible in each data set.

The conditional actions settings for the spectrum lab software are the same for 2018 & 2017 but different to those in 2016. The difference in the 2017 and 2018 counts could reflect the different densities of the dust trails caused by the variations in the parent comets emissions.

Happy New Year from BASMO

New year celebrations caught by the all sky camera.

Below are the daily and hourly meteor counts for December, the peaks for the Geminids and Ursids are clearly shown. Unfortunately Graves went off line between 20:00 on 13/12/17 and 08:00 on 14/12/17. The increase in activity on 31st is beginning of Quadrantids, which will be peaking on the 3/4 Jan.

Here is a comparison with December 2016, Graves went off line last December for most of the 29th Dec.

This final plot shows the daily meteor activity throughout 2017, the major showers are marked, for more information on meteor showers go to http://meteorshowersonline.com/

Happy New Year

Pete Hill


December Meteor Activity.


Happy new Year to one and all, have attached the daily and hourly meteor rates for December.














The Geminids peaked over the 13th/14th dec, with max activity at 04:00 on the 14th.The gradual increase in activity from the 8/9th due to activity from several other minor showers over the period 8th – 12th, the lack of any other activity accounting for the sharp cut off after the 14th. The Ursids peaked on the 22nd, slight increase on 18th possibly due to combination of Ursids and other minor shower.















No activity logged between 09:00 on 28th and 23:00 on 29th, consensus is that Graves was offline, maintenance possibly??.

A quiet end to the month, look out for the Quadrantids January 3th/4th, 11pm to early hours, luckily moon is not a problem.



Pete Hill