Heading towards the Solstice…

So decided to make use of the predicted nice weather Sunday morning to start the refurbishment of the RAG Solargraphs – bigger job than I first realised!

Plus make some new ones (been saving the lids from Pringles for some time as ‘J’ rations them!)

New blackboard paint and tank tape purchased…

Look at all them lids – ‘once you pop…!’    😉

I think I’ve got just enough cable ties, old broom handle and photographic paper to renew those for family and friends and bring along perhaps 6-7 new ones to the next meeting. It’ll be just a few days after the longest day, but still plenty of time to get a good sequence ’til December….

So if all goes well over the next weekend or so to finish these, I’ll bring them along for anyone at the group to purchase (all funds to the Observatory, so bring along £3 – £5 if you’d like one. The next lot will be a tad more to cover the cost of new cable ties and photographic paper).