Winter Solstice – Solargraph.

On the 21st June I set up my solargraph, this had a0.3mm laser drilled hole ( as supplied by the pinhole factory, also resistant to bird attack ( although I’ve had no problems previously)









It was sat on the end of my raspberry canes on the allotment.











On the 21st Dec I removed it , opened it up in a dark room with a red light and placed on Epson scanner, scanned at 1200dpi, in colour and saved as a .tif file for processing in Photoshop, see image below, had to repeat scan as first image contained some very strange artifacts, tinsely bits from scanning the Christmas card from Rosliston forestry centre!









Then it was processed in Photoshop CS6, first flipping horizontally to put image right way round and then inverting the played with levels, curves contrast and exposure, final image below, with camera view for comparison beside it. ( enlarge solar graph, shows detail better.)

Happy Solstice- Pete Hill









A single day Solargraph.

Hi, quite a few people are running solargraphs (tin cans with pinholes containing photographic film) to capture the suns path between the Summer and Winter solstice. The one below was run for just one day.




























This is a Solargraph of the Eclipse on Aug 21 2017 taken in Idaho, for full details go to:

It didn’t use photographic film but photosensitive paper, that you stop/ develop by immersing in water, the sort of thing you can get from Hawkins bazaar.!

Pete Hill


























Barton Solargraph.

Thanks to Damian for the spare piece of photographic paper (I’d run out), have now set up my solargraph on the support poles of my Raspberry bed on the allotment.

Instead of a “normal ” pinhole  I’ve attached a laser cut 0.3mm pinhole from the Pinhole factory ( google it)

The camera is pointing due south with a view over the sheds and trees on allotments as well as the National grid pylon, lets see what happened in 6 months time Dec 21st!

Check out ( 21st June 2017) for what to expect and further links to producing solargraphs.

Pete Hill