Solar H alpha


promx2b promx2bbw


The forecast  was for clear skies so set up under  the carport, sun doesn’t reach the back garden in the winter.

Imaged the sun using Coronado PST and DMK41 mono CCD camera, piggy backed on Evostar 120 refractor on HEQ5 pro.

Had a two hour slot where sun was clear of roof tops and initially first images were ok , then cloud scudding across, wind shaking scope/camera, by the time I was going for close up shots of prominences the image quality was starting to deteriorate rapidly.

Anyway full disk with prominences, combination of full disk image and prominence image processed in Autostakkert, Registax6 and Photoshop for combination final polish and colourise. Used a x2barlow to zoom in on prominence, this is just single shot, cloud , wind and general conditions wouldn’t allow any more.

The full disk shot shows several filaments, no filaproms however, it also shows the 2 sunspots present, where the bright plages are evident at about 5 o-clock and 11 o-clock, they are obviously very small because they were not visible in white light using a Herschel wedge or Baader film, even with continuum filter and magnification. The prominences looked better visually, early on there as a definite loop visible in the position of the left hand prominence

Just want some clear nights now.


Pete H