Perseids meteor shower August12/13 (Radio Observations)

A little after the event, but has taken time downloading / checking data after my eclipse chasing.















The daily rate shows a peak on the 12th August, however checking out the hourly rate shows the maximum hourly rate occurred on the 13th August at during 7 – 8 am with a max of 30 meteors. The maximum activity on each day was concentrated in the pre dawn hours.















I noticed the odd perseid in the USA but being a lot further south the radiant was a lot lower in the sky, quite close to horizon, which made life difficult when dark spots were usually surrounded by trees! With early starts each day it wasn’t feasible to wait into the early hours.

Below is data on rest of showers during August, September offers only minor showers.


Major Activity:

Radiant Duration Maximum
Perseids (PER) July 23-August 22 Aug. 12/13

Moderate Activity

Radiant Duration Maximum
Northern Iota Aquarids (NIA) August 11-September 10 Aug. 25/26
Southern Iota Aquarids (SIA) July 1-September 18 Aug. 6/7
Alpha Capricornids (CAP) July 15-September 11 Aug. 1/2
Northern Delta Aquarids (NDA) July 16-Sepember 10 Aug. 13/14
Kappa Cygnids (KCG) July 26-September 1 Aug. 18

Minor Activity

Radiant Duration Maximum
August Eridanids August 2-27 Aug. 11/12
Upsilon Pegasids July 25-August 19 Aug. 8/9
Alpha Ursa Majorids August 9-30 Aug. 13/14

Daylight Activity

Radiant Duration Maximum
Gamma Leonids August 14-September 12 Aug. 25/26


Clear Skies

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