Observing guide. Lynx.

Observing guide to Lynx !


Lynx is a very faint long constellation running from the triangle of Leo Minor to the top of Auriga. Once you’ve cornered it, there are some lovely targets here.


One of the brightest spring galaxies is here,
NGC 2683 ( sketch below ) the “UFO galaxy” at +9.7, a bright edge on spiral some bright knots . Suitable with 8″ aperture. There are an estimated 300 globular clusters here. It is less luminous than the Milky Way with a slow rate of star formation. A fine and bright joy to observe. There are a few galaxies which give some find details , including one which resolves into stars in Canes Venatici. They are not all amorphous fuzzy blobs !
NGC 2776, a spiral galaxy +11.6
NGC 2782, a spiral +11.6
NGC 2537,the “Bear’s Paw galaxy” named for the bright knots of that shape here, +11.7.

Globular cluster.
NGC 2419 is the “Galactic Wanderer”, the most distant and brightest globular cluster in our galaxy. It’s some 300,000 light years away. Nicely visible with 8″ aperture at the end of a chain of stars at +10.4. Once thought to be captured by our galaxy leading to the other name of “Intergalactic tramp”. Globular clusters are incredibly old composed of second generation stars formed in the early universe. They populate the halo around galaxies. We have about 150 which are best seen when we look out of our galaxy. NGC 2419 is a challenging object img_4259

Binary stars here give some twins and a stunning triple.
Σ958 pale yellow twins at 4.6″ SAO 0259.63. RA 06h 48.2m. DEC +55 42′
Σ1009 white 4.3″ at RA 07h 05.7m. +52 45′
Σ1025 light orange twins at 25.6″ . RA 07h12.9m. +55. 47′
19 Lyncis White .Triple very much like Mizar / Alcor . SAO 0263.12. RA 07h22.9m. DEC +5517′
20 Lyncis , yellow white at 15″ .SAO 0263.05. RA 07h22.3m. +50 09′
Σ1282 Deep yellow at 3.4″ SAO 0610.77 RA 08h50.8m. +35 04′
Σ1333 white twins at a narrow 1.9″ SAO 0613.87, the bright orange α Lyncis is in the fov at low power. RA 09 18.4m. +35 22′
Σ1369 at 24.5″ an optical yellow double. SAO 0429.31 RA 09h35.4m. +39 58′.
Σ946 white at 4.0″ RA 06h44.9m. DEC -59 27′
Σ1044 dim pair at 12.8″ RA 07h16.4m. DEC +47 38′.
My favourite here , the stunning
12 Lyncis SAO 0259.39 a bright and close triple with greenish white and blue companions. RA 06h 46.2m. +59 27′. Sketch included.

Hope that you find and enjoy the Lynx under clear skies ! Nick.img_4261img_4260