Venus and Mars (there’s a song about that)

Venus is shining strongly in the evening sky, even brighter than Jupiter in the morning sky, finally cleared the roofs opposite so had a go at imaging it, tried a different approach this time, have previously attached the DSLR to eyepiece using T ring and adapter, this time tried it with the DMK42 mono CCD camera with a red filter, to remove any chromatic aberration. Used 120mm Evostar  refractor on HEQ5pro, sidereal tracking mode, max frame of 15fps with DMK41 , #23A filter attached, 600 frame .avi files recorded with, no magnification, x2 Barlow and x5Barlow, also imaged Mars to left and above Venus with no magnification.

All images produced from stacking .avi in Autostakkert, wavelets in Registax6 and final processing/sizing in Photoshop.6



Venus with no magnification, slightly gibbous (about 60%),will become larger and more of a crescent as it moves to Greatest Elongation in January.





venus3psx2b with x2 barlow







venus0005psx5bwith  x 5 Barlow







venusandmarsMars and Venus with no magnification, taken under same conditions.

Mars is so far away now, even high magnification only shows a red disc, with no features, a UV filter would be needed to draw out any features in the atmosphere of Venus. (Did you hear that Santa?)





Have a Good Christmas and New Year!

Pete Hill