This is my go at Messier 51 from Thursday night, using the 200p f5 Newtonian that I picked up earlier this month. My first effort at deep sky with the scope had a few issues with collimation and focus, but a bit of time spent tuning it up seems to have yielded a much better result. This is one of my favourite targets, both for observing and images. To get a grandstand view of a galactic collision with an 8 inch dob in my suburban garden is one of those special moments that makes me love this hobby. In images, I love the stream of stars flung out into space from the encounter- this is the first time, after 3 attempts, that I’ve caught a bit of it.

This image is 35x 4 minute subs with 20 each of flats, darks and bias. Camera is a modded Canon 600d, stacking is in DSS and processing is in Pixinsight.