Tacking down and trimming edges of shingles in home observatory

It always amazes me how long the start and end of a project takes whilst the middle bit shoots along at pace.

Such is the case with my roofing project on my home observatory.

Following previous posts in which Rhys and I replaced the roof of the log cabin with shingles, today I tacked down the edge of the shingles to the side of the roof and trimmed it off. I bought a new pair garden shears for the latter job!

It took a couple of hours to do what at first sight seemed such a small job.

At least the log cabin can stay as it is now until I get around to the final tasks of adding batons over the edges, trimming the edges of the shingles to match the new batons, and replacing the glittering.

Observant readers of this blog entry will note the streaks of creosote on the inside of the window of the log cabin. Oops! I only coated the outside but some it got inside during process. I will need to empty the back end of the cabin to get to the window to clean it!

I also need to clean off the glittering although if this proves difficult might be easier to replace it……Any one know of good method for cleaning off creosote from plastic and glass?


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