T2 to 2″ adaptor

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After buying my nice new shiny UHC filter from Astrofest, when I got home I realised I hadn’t actually got any way of using it with my DSLR. If I attached it to my 2″ diagonal, I couldn’t get enough back-focus and if I connected the DSLR via a T2 adapter, I couldn’t connect the 2″ filter.

After a bit of digging, I found this T2 to 2″ adaptor on eBay for the princely sum of £4.99. It arrived in 12days from China:-


Here was my original DSLR to T2 to 2″ connection:-


Here’s the new version with the adaptor:-

I haven’t tried it yet but I can’t see why it shoudn’t work. I’ll let you know


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  1. I also bought a similar connector recently to attach my Canon DSLR to a 2″ focuser. Before this I had to remove the 2″ to 1″ focuser, uncscrew its 2″ end and then attach it to the camera…in the dark with frozen hands! My connector is shorter but threaded for a 1″ and 2″ filter. Great buy at £4.83 off ebay from…China.

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