Down for a few days at mum’s caravan in Amroth, Pembrokeshire.

Before we came I’d checked the forecast and there was zero chance of any clear skies, didn’t even bring the binos…. doh!

Woke around 1.30 last night to amazingly clear skies(!!!!), so headed out just in the dressing gown and J’s pink ‘Crocs’ – what a sight!

Found a pair of rubbish 8×30 binoculars  in the wardrobe to use… but better with just the eyes to be honest!

Never seen so many stars naked eye in Delphinius, sitting below and to the left of Cygnus right overhead. Altair the Eagle seen in full as it sat in the opening of the valley.

A faint patch of light to the left of Alberio turned out to be the Coathanger asterism in the binos (I wouldn’t have been able to discern naked eye).

Draco to the right was lost between the mass of stars overhead linking Hercules, Sagittarius  and the like.

Andromeda and Triangulum Galaxy visible naked eye. Double cluster as a largish patch of light in Perseus sitting directly below Cassiopeia. The Milky Way a solid bright swathe across the sky with dark rifts easily seen.

The Pleiades rising below the lot of them – as Nick mentioned (and to coin a Game of Thrones phrase)…. ‘Winter is Coming’!


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