Swadlincote 1/11/17

Vixen 102 Eq5 goto.

Huge Moon , but so calm out there . Still trying to stretch the 102, cooled and dew heater on the go. Tester in Cassiopeia , Σ65 very clean at 3.3″ and a few more binaries in the fov.
Andromeda and ΟΣ 21,this is 1.2″ , but widening enough for a clear split showing the difference in magnitudes at a stable x222. Very very good seeing . A few more wider doubles in the fov here.

Over to my challenging , 36 Andromedae , (SAO 74359) twins and widening at 1.2″, a lovely split at x222. Being bright I picked it up at with both a 6mm circle T and the 5.5mm UWA.

Some clustiferous stars in Cassiopeia, great views here of these multiples,https://bestdoubles.wordpress.com/2013/12/14/a-cluster-of-clus-tiferous-stars-σ-3037-eng-88-oσ-496shj-355-and-σ-3022/

Clear skies !Nick.

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