Surface of sun 24/6/2020

Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 100mm OTA

  • HEQ5 Pro mount
  • ZWO ASI 174MM camera
  • Best 274 frames of 808 frames taken over 17 secs (FireCapture).
  • ASK3
  • ImPPG
  • Photoshop

Got dark frame to work on FireCapture but not flats so Newtonian rings (altering dark and white bands) still present – also some dust bunnies!


My picture turned out as below….ImPPG allowed me to move the black point to the lowest brightness pixel present – sprad out data BUT also left the impression that there are black flames on the sun’s surface(!) – or, as my daughter Hannah suggested, makes it look like the sun has blackheads (acne vugaris).

I have therefore inverted the image in Photoshop CS6 below. Which image do you prefer?

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