Superb clear and still night.

Swadlincote 15/8/17.Celestron C6r.

Absolutely stunning night , between weather fronts the air is stable and clear. Kicked off with a good Saturn then some views of binaries in Pegasus. Then onto Cygnus and caught most of the Eastern Veil (NGC 6692 -6695 being brightest) at x30 with a Oiii filter. Keeping this in , NGC 7008, the “Fetus” nebula glowed up. Over to Aquila and the full size and shape of the “ghost of the moon”  NGC 6781, looking exactly like that. This one is really worth finding , a shocking spectral sight. There are many lovely clusters in Aquila, well placed just now.

Up to the treasures of Perseus and Cassiopeia , with a lovely view of M76, the “little dumbell”. Just so much in this area and so many open clusters.
Away from the scope and just looking around , the sky was very dark from 50 degrees up, if looked lovely with no twinkling or the rush of jet-stream. Just get a bright star and focus towards yourself , if you want to catch upper air wobble !

The sky was a rare treat , just getting better and better away from the horizon.Clear skies , Nick.

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