Sunspot 2689 – – -26/11/2017

In response to Pete’s comment yesterday, here are images of the “rapidly growing” sunspot 2689 in both white light and Ha. The filament is still nice.

Not much doing in the way of prominences, but there is a large faint one just above 3 o’clock on the disc.


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  1. Nice images Roger, I’d picked up the start of the sunspot on Gong on Saturday morning, with the formation of the white plage areas, but no spot as such, the when we were observing later the spot had developed. Unfortunately no images , was traveling light, but had alook through peter Williamsons double stacked solar max 90, the only difference visually compared with PST was that it could pick up a faint prominence, neither mine or the other PST there could find it , but it was very faint and intermittent, the 90 comes into it’s own when imaging!!
    Keep warm in the double glazed observatory!!


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