Sunspot 2651, previously 2644

The Sun has been VERY quiet for the last few weeks, but according to “Spaceweather”: “Old sunspot AR2644 has returned and been renumbered AR2651. It is crackling with C-class solar flares.”

Been on holiday in Lisbon for a week, and a couple of days after returning was struck down with the dreaded norovirus. Thus have been in “quarantine” for the last couple of days. This involves sleeping in the spare room where the window-sill observatory is (odd, that!). Needing a distraction from frequent visits to the you-know-where, managed to get this image this morning. It was a bit hazy (the sky, that is, not me – although on second thoughts probably both), but there is a nice combination of spots, prominences, plages and a filament.


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