Sunspot 2651 Detail

The Sun this morning was pretty much the same as it was yesterday, but at 8AM, the sky was nice and clear, the atmosphere steady, and the Sun  well-placed with respect to the window-sill. Spot 2651 had plenty of nice detail and it seemed like a good opportunity to see just what detail we could wring out from the window-sill. So, I employed a X3 barlow, which from previous experience gives about the maximum magnification I can cope with using the normal set-up. The first image is a screenshot from GONG at 8 AM-ish from El Teide. The second one is my detail image of 2651, but this time without the colourisation that I usually use so we can compare to GONG. The third one is roughly the same area extracted from the GONG image with its contrast stretched a bit to be similar to the window-sill image.

Quite pleased with the result


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