Sunspot AR2738 imaged on 13/4/2019 from Lichfield – Daystar Calcium H Filter

I like this image – Calcium H filter – I used Astra Image software to do a little processing. This is a single image – my attempts at stacking went wrong……

What I really like is the white areas around the sunspot that are shown with a calcium filter are visible here.

I followed the advice of the team at the RAG mid-monthly meeting last night and came out reasonably early whilst sky still had reasonable seeing – image taken at 09:46.

See also the later post below also about today’s images – the analysis in the post below demonstrates that what I initially thought were dust bunnies on the image were in fact real!

Sunspot – Calcium H filter – from Lichfield – colourised and further processing – 13/4/2019



Above with PIPP and Astro Photo – below with GIMP2 – demonstrates that the image is also showing the central bar that is forming in the sunspot and which can be seen on the hydrogen alpha images on spaceweather such as

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