Sun, Venus, Galaxies and Supernovae 15/03/2017

Lots of stuff from a couple of days ago!

Firstly, the (obligatory!) window-sill sun shot. Still not much doing. I did have hopes that the filament on show might turn in to a nice prominence as it got to the solar limb, but it now seems to have faded away.

Later I transformed the through-double glazing-telescope into a through-garage-door variety to try to get a Venus image. Venus is always tricky to image because of its high contrast. This tends to blow out any features (normally, there aren’t any) and exacerbate chromatic aberration. So I settled for imaging the planet in green, and then monochromatising it. I also stopped down the scope to let the Mikrokular have a chance.

Later again, I went DSO spotting, even though I knew the moon would get in the way, and the sky was not desperately clear.

I decided to re-visit NGC 3184, where I imaged a supernova at about this time last year, to see what had happened. Unsurprisingly, the SN has now subsided as you can see by comparing last years and this years images. This years image isn’t so good because the moon was now well up, and the sky was not very clear.

Finally, I went for Jupiter with the Mikrokular. Again this isn’t too brilliant as Jupiter was quite low. It is my first image this apparition, so might do better later in the year.

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