Sun and Moon 02/07/2017

I did a couple of experiments today with different cameras and different settings. The first image is of today’s solar filaments with the X3 barlow and Mikrokular. You can see the filaments on Nick’s sketch in the previous post. If anyone is wondering about the orientation, I always flip and rotate my images so that North is at the top and the advancing limb on the left. This is the same as the GONG images.

The second image is with the same set-up this evening through the garage door with no intervening glass.

The 3rd image is with the PD camera with the shutter speed set to 1/1000 sec.

Which is best? You decide!


Glancing out of the window this evening I saw the Moon, and noticed its phase was ideal for illuminating the “Straight Wall”. I thought I would try a window-sill image to see if I could improve on previous images of the “Wall” that I have done like this. This is the result. Quite pleasing methinks.

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