Successfully attaching two different Bresser microscope cameras to Zeiss IM microscope and having both in focus with eyepieces on trinocular head

It has taken a while to get here but at last I have been successful!

Using second hand Diagnostic Instruments Adapters, I have now attached two separate cameras simultaneously to my Zeiss IM microscope. The advantage of this setup is that the Bresser MikrOkular camera (1.3 megapixel – HD definition) is brilliant for video, giving a smooth result at a decent resolution. The chip is quite small so I am using the 0.7x Diagnostic Instruments adapter to reduce this magnification factor that results from this – the end result is still more magnified that the 5 megapixel Bresser Mikrocam 5.1 camera produces in the Diagnostic Instruments 1.0x adapter.

The 5 megapixel Bresser Mikrocam 5.1 camera produces in the Diagnostic Instruments 1.0x adapter is attached to the second port on the Zeiss 910137 dual head block I have attached between trinocular head and IM base (horizontally in the photos below). The Bresser MikrOkular camera on 0.7x Diagnostic Instruments adapter is attached to the camera port on the trinocular head (vertically in the photos below).

The Diagnostic Instruments adapters have inbuilt focusing rings that allow both cameras to be bought into focus with the eyepieces. As the MikrOkular camera does not have a C-mount attachment, I have had to use a combination of adapters to attach this to the Diagnostic Instruments adapter. The MikrOkular camera fits into a 1.25 inch to 2 inch telescope eyepiece adapter, which itself slots into a 2 inch to T-mount adapter. I then use a male T-mount to female C-mount adapter to allow this to be attached to the Diagnostic Instruments adapter.

I have uploaded below pictures of the setup plus photos of Seed of Castor sec (commercial slide) observed using a 32x objective. Those photos are taken without changing focus setting so demonstrate the difference in magnification scale between the two cameras.


Mikrocam 5.1 camera (horizontal) and MikrOkular camera (vertical) (below):

Seed-of-castor-sec-Zeiss-IM-32x-Bresser-Mikrocam-5-1-030218.png (below):

Seed-of-castor-sec-Zeiss-IM-32x-Bresser-MikrOkular-030218.png (below):

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