Successful detection meteors by radio scatter from Graves 143.049MHz at Rosliston Forestry Centre

During today’s science outreach event at Rosliston Forestry Centre, Bob and I achieved successful detection of meteors from Graves by radio scatter on 143.049MHz, on my silver Dell laptop running Windows 10/Spectrum Lab software, together with Yaesu FT-817 radio & 2 element Yagi on Clansman mast.

Bob and I set up an aerial to detect meteors by radio scatter – initially unsuccessful until we found a broken wire! Once fixed in a rather Heath Robinson way (indebted to Lee Bale without whom we could not have got this working today), we detected a fair number of meteors (a few screenshots below).


Meteors detected by radio scatter today:


Meteor radio scatter equipment:

     Making a hole to insert bottom of meteor radio scatter aerial:


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