Stunning seeing.23/8/17.

Absolutely stunning seeing, binaries and the smallest of clusters looked liked they were glued in place. A scan around by eye and not a twinkle in sight, moist air ,later on picked up light pollution.
Aquila gave some beautiful open clusters ,NGC 6709 lovely at x30. NGC 6738, very open. NGC 6755, faint with adjacent 6756. A stunning view of the very beautiful NGC 6781 (“Ghost of the Moon”) , very surprising how large this is.

Make sure that you don’t miss Graff’s cluster ,IC 4756 in Serpens. A wide and stunning cluster , quite high at the moment.

Up to the many clusters of Cassiopeia, even M103 looked lovely with a delicate centre. As did the smaller and densely packed M52. Psi (ψ) Cassiopeia opened out as it climbed high, a lovely delicate triple. Iota gave a beautiful classic view.

Over to Andromeda and the challenging 36 Andromedae at 1.1″ separation, split easily and held at x216. Σ52 giving a wider and delicate 1.4″. Both M34 and M76 looked washed out as did a view of NGC 7331 above Pegasus.

Such a calm night. It was well worth lingering on the star fields and clusters.

A bit of light reading led me to the star 53 Arietis, this is moving at 48kms per sec. It’s been ejected from the Orion Nebula along with AE Aurigae and μ Columbae, who share the same trajectory. On the other hand ,NGC 188, the “Ancient one” is the most ancient of intact clusters , being well above the galactic plane  ( near polar),is little affected by gravitational interactions.

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