Studies of green mold on bagel from our kitchen 14/5/2017

My wife Ean Ean was just about to throw away some moldy bagels this morning when I shouted – “No!” – perfect for my microscope – pictures below. At low power (4x objective) the scrapings of mold from the bagel look like what you would expect – green bits of scraped off fluffy stuff. But when the magnification is increased a sea of spores is revealed – in fact there is hardly anything else except spores!! (Occasional strands of fungal stems but these are rare to find in the sample). I did not realise that fungi produced just so many spores. Yipes!


Green-fungus-from-bagel-brightfield-4x-objective-140517.bmp (below):

Green-fungus-from-bagel-brightfield-10x-objective-140517.bmp (below):

Green-fungus-from-bagel-brightfield-20x-objective-140517.bmp (below):

Green-fungus-from-bagel-brightfield-40x-objective-140517.bmp (below) – showing that the spores tend to clump together ?perhaps from same stem (below):

Green-fungus-from-bagel-bright-field-with-offset-circular-condenser-filter-20x-objective-140517.bmp (below):

Green-fungus-from-bagel-darkfield-using-Ph2-annulus-as-dark-field-filter-4x-objective-140517.bmp (below):

Green-fungus-from-bagel-phase-contrast-40x-objective-140517.bmp (below):

Green-fungus-from-bagel-phase-contrast-Ph1-40x-objective-140517.bmp (below) – the next two images both show that my illuminator does not produce enough light for high magnification phase contrast/dark field microscopy. I tried a new bulb together (60W tungsten filament) and it made little difference. The manual for the microscope talks about using an attachment which allows two illuminators to be used at once – however when I looked on ebay these are horrendously priced second hand ($300). Not viable! An alternative solution is required…….

Green-fungus-from-bagel-phase-contrast-Ph2-40x-objective-140517.bmp (below):

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