Storing the Zeiss IM microscope with its “new” trinocular camera adapter

When Damian came around today, he expressed concern that the new Diagnostic Instruments camera attachment on the Zeiss IM microscope (see previous post in which I explain how I have managed to turn it into a trinocular scope) sticks out to the side and, in storage, risks being damaged or leading to damage to the scope. This is a good point – see photo below which shows the problem – especially as a fault in the screws on the optical block I am using to divide the light between the binocular head and the camera adapter means that I really do not want to try and take them apart again!

…..Good news! I have found a solution – loosening the optical block at the microscope end allows it to be rotated so that the camera adapter moves over the stage and no longer sticks out for storage (see 2nd photo).


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