Starry night in Pembrokeshire – Observing report 03/05/2019

Brilliant starry night with very dark skies in Pembrokeshire!

Out with my 15X50 IS binoculars observing lots of old favourites given a new perspective in the ultra dark skies here.

Started with the Coma star cloud – Melotte 111 Stunning as usual.

M44 Praesepe in Cancer just like it says on the tin – a swarm of bees!

M13 in Hercules – I could almost fancy seeing some resolution into stars.

M92 nearby – very clearly seen

M3 also nearby in Canes Venatici, also very clear

M65 and M66 in Leo . Could just make these out.

M81 and M82 in Ursa Major. Brilliant! Not just blurry smudges, but could see their shapes!

Then out with the Sony HD 60 compact camera for some star fields. So many stars!. I have added some constellation outlines in case you are bamboozled with all the stars, as I was!

All were 30 sec exposures at f/3.5 and ISO 3200.


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